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Paperseal is an open and friendly shipping and decorative packaging materials trading company that can be easily accessed anywhere: in the largest store in this area online, by phone, by email or physical stores. All materials supplied are recycled or easily recyclable. For this client, we have created a Magento 2 e-shop operating in three languages.

What did we do?

  • We have adapted a number of specialized modules.
  • We have implemented two-way integration with the accounting system.
  • We’ve merged with the Venipak parcel system.
  • We automated billing.
  • We have implemented quantitative pricing, with the option to choose VAT with and without VAT.
  • We added a non-standard payment / shipping method, address and postcode validation, and more to the billing window.

We strive to help and advise all our customers how they can use their e-shops not only as an additional source of sales but also as a tool to help them manage their product range.

Next Case -Avitela - one of the largest electronics and household electronics stores in Lithuania. It sells household electronics from APPLE, SAMSUNG, PHILIPS, LG and other popular manufacturers.

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