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  • Analyse


    Everything starts with a strategy. Your collected raw business data will be turned into step by step strategy.

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  • Design


    Pushing pixels to the limit for the best user experience. We provide unique design and UX oriented solutions.

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  • Build


    Technology made by qualified and certified developers guarantees quality results. Get to market quickly and effectively.

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    Providing solutions to engage and retain customers for faster growth. Our dedicated support team is here to help you grow.

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01 Analyse / Audit

 Magento Technical and Security Audit Magento Technical and Security Audit

Our developers will:

  • review and compare your website’s code to make sure that it is following Magento’s best practices.
  • analyze the speed and performance of your website. Just a few milliseconds delay caused by a small error can affect your conversion rate.
  • check HTML, CSS or JavaScript errors, third party extensions, server logs, database integrity, security patches.
  • and many more will be reviewed to make sure they don`t cause any website security and performance issues.

E-commerce SEO audit E-commerce SEO audit

Our report includes:

  • an executive summary of findings, detailed explanations and suggested solutions
  • recommendations for your developers and copywriters
  • review of Google Search Console setup and reported issues
  • traffic drops checks against known algorithm update dates (detailed, step by step, penalty removal process)
  • crawl and index issues, on-site markup analysis like URL structure, microdata, HTML etc.
  • speed and performance analysis

02 Design / Choose your way

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Web design is important aspect for online webshop . We strive to make user experience oriented, exceptional designs and data driven solutions: intuitive navigation, researched usability, consistency and coherency.

03 Build / Choose your platform


One of the most popular platform with a vast number of built-in functionalities and huge extension selection. It is very flexible and always open for innovation. Best for mid-large businesses, e-shops.


One of the most powerful open source PHP frameworks that is typically used to create custom solutions and web applications such as internal systems, complex functionalities and large scale projects.


An open source content Management system which is flexible and easy to use. Right choice for small websites. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system.

04 Grow / eCommerce development and optimization

There are three main keys for growth: save time, save money and sell more. Ecommerce development and automation will reduce redundant manual tasks and help you save time. Optimization and smart solutions are a must for a business to grow quickly and efficiently. We can automate different standard tasks, such as inventory management, customer support, refunds and returns, accounting and bookkeeping, or provide solutions for automating other complicated specific processes.

Optimization and smart solutions are a must for your business to grow quickly and efficiently

The next step after saving time and money – are earnings. Our strategic model focuses on the journey of your customers coming, looking, choosing, buying and returning. We can offer you proven techniques and tactics to increase the amount of visitors and reduce the percentage of customer abandonment. Each time we come up with creative solutions, because every business is unique and every case is different. We take a close look at the behavior of your customers and focus on the opportunities for your company.

The main goal of Creation Labs is to create an environment where your business should be able to run without you.

Contact us if you are interested in a long-term relationship with a full-service eCommerce partner!

Automating your eCommerce Site to Save Time and Money Automating your eCommerce Site to Save Time and Money

Ecommerce automation is the combination of software, processes and mindsets that allow multiple roles within an ecommerce organization in order to reduce manual workloads and redundant tasks. Automation reduces the probability of human mistake and helps your business to work efficiently. There are standard tasks, like payments, that should be automated, but Creation Labs can offer you automating more complicated and specific concerns.

Customer engagement and retention Customer engagement and retention

It is usually more expensive to bring a new client than to keep the one who was already interested. This is why we work on customer loyalty and retention. We collect data and research how to create and keep a strong connection between your business and a customer. By knowing how the markets move and what motivates target groups, we gain insight into opportunities and obstacles.

Abandonment reducing techniques and micro-moment marketing Abandonment reducing techniques and micro-moment marketing

Sometimes you have only few seconds to attract or only one chance to bring your client back. Therefore, you should use proper techniques and appear in the right place at the right moment for the right people. Our goal is to take every opportunity and increase conversion rate.

Increasing amount of visitors Increasing amount of visitors

Search engine optimization (SEO), marketing strategies, social media expansion and paid advertising (SEM/SEA) will bring you the user flow you need. We indicate what works, what does not and take action accordingly.

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