Magento technical audit

Found yourself experiencing one or more of the following problems? Then our technical audit is just the right service for your web shop:

  • Your site is slow and you’re having problems speeding it up;
  • You have performance issues, site crashing for no apparent reason;
  • You want to check if your site has been hacked or just want to act pre-emptively and make sure that the site is secure and all security patches are applied;
  • Your theme is not implemented properly;
  • You want to make sure that your customers get a seamless shopping experience;
  • You’re afraid that the extension(s) you have installed are jeopardizing the stability of your site; Interested in upgrading your site to Magento 2 in the near future, but not sure where to start;
  • You just launched a new, upgraded site and your sales have dropped.

During our technical audit we review the following areas:

General site overview

  • Customer experience
  • Main pages analysis
  • Browser compatibility
  • Site responsiveness

Frontend analysis

  • Performance review
  • JavaScript review
  • Magento theme checkup
  • CSS reviewHTML review

Backend analysis

  • Magento core integrity
  • Security and patches
  • Database integrity3rd party extensions
  • Infrastructure analysis

These are some of the predefined areas we cover and during the audit we will also review your theme settings, site usability, source code quality, server setup (software versions, PHP setup), caching mechanisms usage, background jobs and other areas that are specific to your business case.

How long will it take?

It is hard to say how long will it take, because the length of time an audit takes does vary. However, the minimum amount of time we spend on any audit is 21 hours. The audit is completed by our most experienced Magento certified developers.

Upon completion of the audit an executive summary is then written and reviewed by a senior member of staff, at which point we will arrange a face-to-face meeting at your convenience to discuss our findings and advise the best course of action to take.