Magento security audit

Any vulnerability that you might have missed is fraught with disappointed costumers and the danger of lost revenues. That is something nobody wants. Your Magento has some security flaws showing themselves? Or you just want your store security level to be all set? Detailed check for weak points will diagnose and cure existing issues and will also prevent possible issues in the future.

Our Magento security audit includes:

A complete application & server review by a Magento Certified Developer:

  • Review of your Magento code base, including custom code & third-party modules.
  • Review of your server environment.
  • Review of your admin panel configuration & team processes.
  • Review of Magento version and security patches.


After auditing we provide you with recommendations on how to improve security, such as:

  • Adaptive filtering recommendations for NGINX and Apache.
  • Code-level changes for customization’s or third-party extensions.
  • Installing missing security updates or patches.
  • Changes to your internal process & admin settings.
  • Assistance constructing an Incident Response Plan.


At the completion of our audit we provide you a full report that covers these four areas:

  • Application & Environment Vulnerabilities
  • Application Brute Force Entry Points
  • Malware Scan Report for common Magento Attacks
  • Security Best Practices


Over the years we’ve tailored our Security Audit for Magento. New threats are identified by the Magento community everyday and we continue to work on it.

Discover security issues before they affect your work

We’ve tailored our Security Audit for Magento over the years, and continue to work on it as new threats are identified by the Magento community every day. You won’t have to worry about site performance and customer data protection after we confirm your store security. Improved security guarantees stable availability and peak performance of your store. Security audit will disclose everything that is out of place and may cause problems. It will also give a cue about what needs improvements.

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