Scroll down – an e-shop offering a range of high-quality windows and doors along with the expertise to personalize one of the most important accents of a home down to the smallest detail.

This is not the only uniqueness in the market: with over 15 years of manufacturing experience and a focus on Scandinavian markets, MYNEST By Aradas ensures competitive products that meet strict quality standards, emphasizing reliable components from renowned manufacturers and working only with certified and tested materials.

About the Project

MYNEST approached with a need to create an online store that would integrate with factory equipment and generate drawings. As there were no similar projects in Lithuania in terms of scale and scope, there was a need to create the first store in the market where the middleman in the ordering processes was not required, saving the customer’s time and costs.


  • Ensure website performance speed, especially when parameters change: quickly execute price recalculations based on formulas.
  • Develop a solution that can be easily enhanced with new functionalities, most of which are unique and rare.
  • Integrate product import into the system and transmit order export data to manufacturing.
  • Prepare the online store for comprehensive usability – email notifications, payment systems, and full functionality.


A particularly large number of different parameters and their dependencies – each changing criterion affects data recalculations, visuals, and drawings, so ensuring speed, given the integration of third-party tools, was one of the main technical challenges of this project.

Interesting fact: 200+ products and over 3 trillion variations of them – such data volume required exceptional skills and time for testing to ensure an accurate and smooth ordering process.


For the online store to stand out in the market with unique solutions, allowing the end customer to efficiently place orders for individual window and door systems (and for the supplier to promptly execute them upon receipt), our tasks were:

  • Form a dedicated team of professionals from different IT fields.
  • Develop an online store using Symfony (back-end) and Next.js (front-end) frameworks with a content management system, integrating direct interaction between the customer, factory, and additional services.
  • Apply the latest programming languages and frameworks at the time, delivering maximum but not excessive functionality for the online store.
  • Pay special attention and effort to ensure performance.
  • Create a platform where the end customer can not only select products with individual measurements based on available parameters but also personalize them by choosing design variations (colour, texture, hinges, handles, etc.).
Modestas Pavlovas
Modestas Pavlovas
senior programmer

We created a project that solves complex tasks with a multitude of functionalities, requiring not only a creative but also a flexible approach. Even before starting, it was important to envision the entire system architecture and functionalities and to modify/expand them as needed during the process. I believe some of the project functionalities even exceeded the client’s expectations, so we are proud of the end-to-end product we created from scratch, without having a prototype.

Implemented Technical Solutions

  • Created unique infrastructure for administrators: with roles and functions, change history, and the ability to create and edit additional products and services;
  • Connected transport/carrier integration (when the cargo is sent, statuses about the order are received);
  • Integrated Elastic Search for search, finding not only product assortments but also leading to informational flows based on keywords;
  • Developed document/proposal generation with drawings;
  • Installed material resistance calculator;
  • Integrated damage/complaint functionality and management;
  • Developed discounts, promotions, and promo code functionality;
  • …and many others.


Antanas M.
IT Engineer @ UAB Aradas

The scope of the project was larger than we imagined, but we didn’t stop halfway, and the strong Creation team ensured a productive result. The functionalities and integrations of the online store justified the needs and expectations, and today the MYNEST platform is successfully used by our customers.

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