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iDeal is the largest authorized network of “Apple” stores in Lithuania, offering prestigious brand products and services ranging from device repair, insurance, and warranty extension to training, professional consultations, etc.

Well-known business representatives build their reputation on the “Apple Premium Partner” status, ensuring comprehensive quality and shopping experience for their customers.

About the Project

Our partnership with UAB iDeal LT began in 2017 when we took over the support and development of their old e-commerce store. It started with a specific goal: solving performance issues with Magento1. Over time, the collaboration evolved into a strong and long-term partnership.

Considering business and growth needs, over the years, the project continuously improved – additional features, modules, and integrations were developed, and the design was updated multiple times.

In 2022, it was time for significant changes – to update the e-commerce back-end system.

Main Tasks

  • Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, essentially updating content management system, maintaining existing functionality, and adding new features.
  • Increase the e-commerce store’s performance by 15-20%.
  • Modernize existing third-party integrations.

Ramūnas Yla
Ramūnas Yla
Project Manager

This project posed several challenges for both the team and the decision-making and testing processes. Although unexpected twists occurred (such as changes in the team composition or challenges towards the project’s completion), I am delighted that we managed to achieve the goals we unanimously pursued with the team.


The expected lifespan of this project is five years or more. From experience, we know that quick and short-term solutions can lead to negative consequences in the long run. Therefore, to avoid increasing project maintenance costs, we decided to:

  • Rewrite all specialized functionality code from Magento1 to Magento2, adhering to all Magento2 standards and proven practices.
  • Install only the necessary functionality. Develop all modules and features specifically for this project, avoiding third-party templates.

This strategy will create less dependency on third parties, significantly reducing the resources required for future Magento Commerce upgrades. Additionally, a smaller amount of code simplifies the project’s technical maintenance and speeds up the implementation of new functionalities in the future.


Considering the continuous operation need of the e-commerce store while maintaining customer trust in the brand, one of the main technical challenges was data migration without any technical disruptions, affecting ongoing operations and other data.

Implemented Technical Solutions

  • Optimized order management process works in a way that when a customer places an order, all necessary information is promptly provided to the channels required for its fulfillment.
  • Logging in with “Apple ID” streamlines and speeds up customer registration and shopping. The buyer can choose not to display their email address and use an Applegenerated email address.
  • Full Preorder functionality – a special order management when products are out of stock, but customers can reserve them in advance.
  • Customer geolocation identification in the final shopping step, setting boundaries for fast delivery.
  • Increased performance by at least 20%.
  • Integration of the new version without disrupting the operation of the old version (front-end zero downtime).

Technologies Used

The application of PWA (Progressive Web App) technologies was one of the best solutions for ensuring a smooth visitor experience and website performance from our perspective. React, Next.JS, and GraphQL were implemented, along with Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and caching solutions, contributing to a seamless browsing experience.

Magento 2
Varnish Cache

H2 Key Integrations

  • Synchronization of CRM orders and inventory.
  • Interface with two courier services, including printing shipping labels, calling couriers, sending tracking links via email, etc.
  • Integration of Swedbank’s Apple Pay payment method.
  • Installment purchasing: Inbank leasing, SB leasing, Smart Deal.
  • Integration with MailerSend, the ability to share the shopping cart with the customer.
  • Price comparison platforms, Facebook product feed, etc.

A completely new functionality was developed specifically for businesses, helping optimize B2B sales and accounting processes. This solution was created to streamline business client operations, save time, and ensure efficient management.

Examples of implemented features include:

  • User account management: Administrators can add or remove users who will use the company’s account.
  • Credit limit: Company employees can see the credit limit, how much is used/left, and track the number of days for payment delay for purchased goods.
  • Payment methods: The ability to pay all invoices for purchased goods using e-commerce payment methods.
  • The ability for the company to add its own individual product pricing.
  • Implementation of reverse VAT according to VMI guidelines. Legal entities see prices without VAT, and reverse VAT calculation is automatically applied in the payment window.

Liudas Stanevičius
Liudas Stanevičius
Creation CEO

After the project’s implementation, I assume that success and achieved expectations were influenced not only by the experienced team’s work but also by the client’s trust in our actions, allowing us to take risks in certain situations. A significant factor is consistent communication, ensuring long-term collaboration. The project launch is just the beginning – we will continue to develop and improve processes, ensuring quality, speed, and the end-user experience. We are grateful for this experience, which we can all be proud of.

Karolis Navikas
iDeal Ecommerce Manager

Working on the project was an exceptional experience. The team rejected standard solutions, demonstrating initiative and innovative thinking, proposing solutions aligned with our goals. The commitment to understanding our unique needs, decision-making, and effective communication set them apart from others.

Full client verified feedback and project evaluation:

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