Does Symfony framework fit for e-shop development?

Does Symfony framework fit for e-shop development?

Today, about 83% of web applications and websites are created in PHP programming language. And one of the most powerful PHP tools – Symfony. In this article, we will discuss what Symfony is, we will briefly define the advantages and disadvantages of the framework, and help you identify whether this tool is best suited to your needs.


Briefly about Symfony

Symfony Frame is a product of SensioLabs company with 13 years of experience in software development. The frame is built on the open-source principle and tirelessly developed on the initiative of an active international community.

Key Benefits of Symfony for Developers

  • Symfony uses Bundles – it’s like components that have the structure and functionality of their files. They are publicly available and intended for reuse and functionality. You can create these packages yourself or find existing ones on the Symfony website.
  • Symfony Frame has an integrated PHP Composer. It is an addictive management tool that ensures the synthesis of project versions and libraries.
  • Also integrated into this frame is Doctrine, a library for working with databases. Doctrine is used as an abstraction layer between operational logic and data storage. In other words, Doctrine allows you to change the database management system (DBMS) without changing the application.
  • The carcass uses the Twig template engine. The template engine is software that dynamically displays data in a created visual template. It is worth mentioning that this template engine has been developed and continues to be successfully developed by the same company – SensioLabs.
  • Symfony has an integrated code generator. To generate the Symfony package, you just need to run the required command on the command line.

Symfony and e-commerce

Symfony ecommerce

Concerning e-commerce, Symfony is widely used, but it is not a custom-made frame for e-commerce. For online shops, it is better to use specially designed online store / website development platforms (Magento, WordPress, etc.) with which the result can be achieved faster. But what if you need unavailable functionality on those platforms?

For example:

  • manage complex documentation
  • merge e-shop across multiple channels (mobile app, external API…)
  • use various databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL…)
  • to support interaction between multiple databases
  • business management system or customer management systems
The Symfony frame should be chosen for a business that wants unique solutions: internal systems (CRM, ERP…), their integration with the electronic store and more.


  • Symfony-based electronic commerce platforms, as well as the giant Magento, are easily integrated with systems created by the same Symfony.
  • Symfony, if used correctly, is the fastest performing PHP frame.
  • Can boast of low resource consumption
  • Protects against SQL injection.Supports a huge flow of users.
  • The frame is very flexible – the system can be created from scratch or with existing components.
  • Symfony is very stable.
  • Carcass Versions is fully supported by Symfony’s Sensio
  • Labs company for up to three years, and security for life.
  • Creating innovations with Symfony.
  • The frame is not limited to design templates or pre-structures, so you can customize any design.


  • Because Symfony is dedicated to unique solutions, it takes time to start a project.
  • Symfony’s carcass “weighs a lot”, so it is not suitable for smaller projects.

Sample projects created using the Symfony framework: Bedrijventekoop, Mano susitikimai.

If you need a huge load-bearing site, new systems and/or their integration with an electronic store, you should choose to implement the project using the Symfony framework.

Or maybe you need an e-shop? Use the right tool to do the job – choose Magento.

You can read more about creating an online store using Magento in our article: „Magento – for professionals”


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