Magento – for professionals

Magento – for professionals

Magento is one of the most popular open-source eCommerce platforms. From when it was born until today you can count as many as 150 000 Magento webshops, such as ‘Nike Inc’, ‘Ford Motor Co’ and so on. Magento Content Management System (CMS) is entirely dedicated to internet sales and suites everyone from small businesses to corporations. The platform is powerful enough to let you manage large amounts of goods and sells, it can be modified to suit every business’s needs.



Magento - for professionals

Magento should be no. 1 choice for anyone in the eCommerce business. Magento CMS is great for corporations and also for the business that is planning to grow. Using Magento you are able to have multisite, mobile commerce, SEO, marketing, cataloging, and other great functionality. The platform gives you complete access to manage the process of purchase, visuals on how your goods are portrayed and a lot more. For example, functionality includes product comparison, professional filters, coupons, and discount systems. Therefore, User Experience (UX) becomes exceptionally pleasant.


  • Magento CMS lets you easily adjust the website’s looks and functionality
  • Magento offers a possibility to sell a massive amount of products and support multisite functionality
  • Magento has tools to analyze sales and other statistics data
  • Magento is a mobile-friendly platform which has useful marketing tools and good with SEO
  • Powerful Content Management System
  • Magento extensions are safer than most of the other CMS
  • Magento community expands every day and they can help you solve various problems


  • On the one hand, Magento offers a vast functionality, on the other, it’s difficult to start using the platform and to find everything it has to offer.
  • Creating a webshop with Magento would take more time compared to other simpler platforms like WordPress or Shopify.
  • Costs of the Magento webshop depend on the data amount. For example, if you need to sell 100 000 products, Magento will cost more than WooCommerce or Shopify, however, the Magento website’s speed will be clearly faster.

Webshops created using Magento: sportsman.lt, Redhouse.

The platform’s purpose is to provide great e-commerce solutions and it’s exceptionally good at it. Using Magento, you can add such functionality, that is hardly achievable using other platforms. Are you thinking of starting e-commerce business?  Take some time and read about preparations for ecommerce project


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