We became Amasty partners!

We became Amasty partners!

Amasty was founded in 2009 and is now one of the largest companies developing modules for the Magento platform. In addition, Amasty has made a significant contribution to the life of the Magento community. Amasty was sponsored by MageTestfest and MagentoLive UK, organized two Meet Magento conferences in Minsk and Magento Contribution Day, attended MageeStackDays and other Magento community events.

More than 69 Amasty team members are constantly looking for new visions and solutions to extend the core functionality of the Magento platform to meet the needs of any online store. Currently, Magento Marketplace has over 190 Amasty modules for Magento 1 and Magento 2 platforms.

Through various projects, we use a number of excellent Amasty modules, and at the end of September we became official and the only Amasty partners in Lithuania! You can now find us in the Amasty Partner List.

Partnership with Amasty has a number of advantages – individual consulting, additional training and extended warranty service.

Amasty partner

Amasty modules and plugins that we tested and recommend

Magento is a very powerful but at the same time complex tool to master. Amasty develops and delivers quality products that extend Magento’s benefits and facilitate the implementation of various functionalities. The Creation programmers team has tested a number of Amasty products, so we want to discuss some of them:

Finding a good and fast online store is crucial. We all know the situation when we want to search for something on the web page, but the search does not find anything, because we write without usages or make one or another spelling error. With Elastic search, these problems no longer exist. Predicting search results without writing – another very convenient Elastic search feature. This saves time for the buyer and will really please. A quick and extremely clever search can lead to a buyer’s desire to shop at your online store.

Try our Elastic search on Avitela.lt.

Following the entry into force of the Data Protection Regulation, the majority have been thinking about how to properly obtain data processing and management consent from customers. Amasty introduced one of the most convenient Magento tools to create and edit a privacy policy document while retaining versions and collecting user consent during registration or purchase.

One of the biggest benefits of the module is the permission for users to download, anonymize or delete their profile information.

For those who want to save time in creating shapes, it is worth thinking about this tool. It allows you to create forms by dragging form fields to the desired location, managing form validation, analyzing data, and adding multiple forms to the same page.

Plugin to help maximize the efficiency of e-shop SEO. The SEO Toolkit allows you to automate meta tags for products and categories, add snippets to your product, price, stock, reviews, company name and logo, and social networking profiles.

The module is for monitoring and recording actions taken on the administrator panel. In addition, the module allows you to see all attempts to connect to the administrator panel to prevent possible attacks by cybercriminals.

A Super Administrator role can restrict other administrators’ access to certain products, categories, product attributes, content management system elements, and more

The block “similar products” or “commonly purchased together” can help customers find what they are looking for, pick a product from a number of similar ones and purchase it at your email address. in the store.

An extremely flexible tool automates the selection of similar products by determining the number of products displayed, the status of the stock, and certain conditions, such as displaying only the goods of the same manufacturer.

One of the most important parts of the administrator panel is the product grid. Here is all the information about all the products in an e-mail. store catalog – price, quantity, status, type and more.

This tool allows you to adjust the grid layout by drag-and-drop, change product information directly on a grid, without switching to another window, choose which grid columns to display and add new ones, create grid templates.

Markings of products of different colors and sizes draw the attention of buyers. After entering the desired text, the customer will know which goods are new, which are sold out, which are eco-friendly and similar, after choosing the different product parameters. You can choose from many pre-designed labels or easily create a label design yourself and select the desired label located in the product image.

This tool automatically calculates the difference between the price of the item and the discount price and represents the percentage. When dates are set in the settings, the label is automatically shown to the buyer for a specified period of time. To add a Nike label to all Nike products, it is enough to specify the desired product attribute in the settings. These and other settings make it easier to mark the goods and increase sales.

Gift cards – are a great way to make sure that the gift you choose is the right choice and will appeal to the recipient. With this module, the buyer has the opportunity to choose the gift coupon price and the gift card picture and send it to the recipient by e-mail. In the Administrator panel, you can set product types that can be used for gift vouchers to allow the buyer to use the gift voucher for himself and the like.

A user-friendly navigation system for the most convenient navigation in the product catalog. Filters, colors, manufacturers, and other filters used in conjunction with convenient controls allow you to choose from multiple filter modes.

The needs of each client are different – one would like the items to be listed in the catalog from the cheapest to the most expensive, while others want to see the goods with the highest discount. This tool allows you to add to your needs, a convenient product catalog or category sorting according to various parameters: best-selling, best-rated, latest, most reviewed, cheapest / most expensive, biggest discount and others.

The module is for adding extra fields to your billing page. These fields can be added at any point in the billing process – by entering the delivery address, choosing the delivery or billing method. It is also possible to determine the dependence of these additional fields on the value selected for other fields. For example, show date selection only when home delivery is selected.

This Magento 2 platform extension allows you to create various order states, e-mail templates for them, and inform users about changes in order status.

Allows buyers to order products that are out of stock or cannot be shipped for other reasons and products that will soon be available for sale.

Allow customers to choose a personal manager at the time of ordering. Assign sales managers to different customer groups. In this way, a sales manager can add customers or edit orders only to the customer group that is assigned to it.

With these and other Magento modules, we can offer our customers optimal e-commerce solutions.

If you want to know more or are interested in creating an e-shop, please contact us by phone: +370 5 2030333 or email. by email: info@creation.lt

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