The art of grooming buyers – what to look out for when creating an e shop?

The art of grooming buyers – what to look out for when creating an e shop?

Shopping sites and ways today are more than ever, and keeping your customers’ attention is getting harder. Therefore, if you have e-business and want to nurture it and grow it, you need to be able to quickly attract the attention of buyers and ensure that purchases are smooth and easy.

So how to improve the user experience when buying online? Here are a few ways to make sure your customers stay satisfied and return to your online store again.

Take advantage of social networks

Regardless of your target audience, today people are used to advertising and social networking, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Take advantage of these free platforms to develop customer-attracting strategies. This can be a crucial marketing solution for your business. Attract your customers to social networks and then direct them to the email store website.

Social networks

Make sure your site is loading quickly

The site should be loaded in seconds on both the computer and the mobile device. Your biggest enemy is not the competitor, but the “Back” button. If the site loads too long, customers don’t wait – they go shopping somewhere else. You should also keep in mind mobile devices. After all, almost two-thirds of users today use mobile devices as basic access to the Internet. You can check the speed of your site with GTmetrix or Google pageSpeed Insights. There are also tips on how to improve your results.

Pay enough attention to navigation

Visitors should be able to easily navigate your site. Try to eliminate unnecessary clicks and install features such as auto-scroll to avoid losing users’ attention. The structure of product categories should be logical but use as few levels as possible to allow customers to reach the desired product as quickly as possible.

Choose a strategically appropriate location for the search box. In this way, buyers will quickly and easily find what they are looking for. The online store should also allow the customer to narrow the search by choosing a brand, color, price or size.

Remember, a good picture can be worth a thousand words

Don’t underestimate the quality of high-quality photos. Perhaps for well-known products, this is not necessary, but for high-quality shoppers, trusts ensure that they buy exactly what they want.

Product image

We live in a visual world where a website without great pictures will not encourage customers to buy. The right photos and the right amount of them (but not too much) give the customers the feeling of shopping in a real store. It is also worth considering the photos where the product is used in reality, for example, attach a photo to the vase of the vase, where the same vase is placed on the table and flowers in it.

Detailed product description

Every visitor of the e-shop first looks at the product images, and then goes to read the description of the selected product. Keep in mind that customers cannot touch the product live. Avoid short and overly general descriptions. Maybe it’s worth thinking about a short product video demo?

Customer reviews

Customer feedback is a great way to inform potential customers about product quality and affordability. Potential customers very often read the feedback, which can make it easier for them to buy the product. People look very positively at seeing the real feedback from people who have bought and used the same product. Make sure your product reviews are easy to find on the product page. This can have a huge impact on the customer’s decision to buy the item or review a similar product.


Easily find contacts or live chat

It is important that your contact information is easy to find, as the customers spend a very short time. One way of getting in touch with you is a live chat. This makes it easy for customers to contact you and ask questions about the products without having to phone or wait until you reply to the email.

On the other hand, before integrating live chat functionality, make sure you can respond immediately to your customers during business hours. It is better not to install such functionality at all than to switch to “temporarily unavailable” mode. If you still decide to install real-time chat functionality, we suggest you try one of the most popular live chat – tawk.to and zendesk chat.

Offer a free shipping

Customers like the free shipping option. This allows buyers to worry about “hidden” fees and makes the purchasing process more fun.

Set the right product prices

If you sell well-known branded products, which are also sold by many other stores, you may have to reduce prices due to competition. Change prices often to see how it works on sales. Also, remember that your marketing and photo quality has a great impact on the price your customers are willing to pay.

Take care of your billing process

If Your E-shop billing process takes too long, it is complex or untraditional, you can lose a lot of customers during the purchase process. A billing process is a critical place where you should apply a variety of tests, such as A / B testing. A / B testing is a comparison of two versions of the website to find out which version is better. Of course, most email commercial platforms have standardized steps in the billing process, but you may still need to change them and customize your e-shop.


Make sure the customer is clear on the billing form. This can only be done by customizing the input fields for the information that needs to be entered. For example, use the date picker or dropdown to enter the date field. In order to avoid unnecessary complication of the billing process, it would be worthwhile to use premium collection systems such as PayPal, PaySera and so on. They allow users to log in to their account and pay for goods faster and more securely.

You can learn more about optimizing your billing process in our article “The hidden success of electronic business is the billing process”.

Remind customers of your shopping carts left behind

If your e-shop often has left behind carts,which means the customer visits your site, puts the item in the basket and goes out, then the software “left in the basket” can dramatically increase sales. Some e-commerce platforms offer such software for free as part of e-commerce. shop functionality. “Left in the basket” program allows you to create additional emails that will be sent to the customer with the contents of their basket or special discount code to encourage the customer to complete the order.

Magento Platform:

By default, Magento does not provide this e-shop functionality, but one of many dedicated modules can be purchased. Some of them:

Reducing the number of carts left behind should be one of your priorities, as this often amounts to 60% to 80%.

Show clients that your e-store is safe

It is important to build a certain level of confidence in the short term.Customers need to know that your store has standard security features and feel safe when entering your bank card details. Some things that could help:

Install SSL during billing (available on most e-commerce platforms).

Use small credit card, PayPal, or other payment methods pictures as an indicator that you offer reliable payment methods.Submit McAfee, GeoTrust or other security badges. If you do not use these services, do not add the pictures.

Do not forget the rules for returning the product

More than half of customers, before buying, read or at least take a look at the return policy. Try to make the return of the product as simple as possible and to clearly state the return rules.

Grammar mistakes

Yes, correct, spelling mistakes are very important. Make sure everything on your site is described without errors, as you can lose customer confidence in your business.

Our guidelines are designed to help you achieve your goals. It’s important that you continually analyze your strategies and adapt them to the evolving e-commerce world every day. This will help keep customers and increase sales.
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