Teachers from Panevėžys College are visiting guests

Teachers from Panevėžys College are visiting guests

We have been cooperating with Panevėžys College since 2014. Each year, several college students take our practice, and the best after graduation join the team. We, in turn, share knowledge through our annual practice sessions for last year students. During the practical sessions that take place in the college for about three weeks, we introduce our students to the “developer bread”, the subtleties of e-commerce and the Magento platform. But let’s tell you about it in another blog post 🙂

Several college lecturers visited us in Panevėžys office last week. We have been discussing work together, presenting company profile, internal processes, technologies used and products we work with.

Teachers from Panevėžys College

So what are the teachers’ impressions and feedback after this training? I speak with Jurgita Lieponiene, a teacher of Panevėžys College. The subject is databases.

How do you assess the relationship between Panevėžys College and Creation Labs?

─ I am very happy that Creation Labs is cooperating with Panevėžys College. Liudas is very proactive, offering various forms of cooperation.

And today, training is not on our own initiative, but Liudas. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to participate in this training, get to know your company, which is really modern and work according to modern standards. Of course, it is fun to be a student and learn. ─ Creation Labs is an open company, accepts students to practice, advises, and helps in preparing study programs. For example, Liudas is a member of our new study program committee. We receive a lot of advice and help in preparing, updating and changing study programs. Therefore, I think this connection is very important.

What are your impressions from today's visit?

─ We’ve already talked to colleagues that impressions are the best. We are very pleased and fascinated with the teachings, the topics and the format that was offered. We hope that this form of cooperation will not be forgotten in the future. Perhaps next time someone from your staff could come to our college and share their practical experience with our students.

Do students willingly practice in our company?

─ There is real competition between students. I know that this year there was a lot of willingness to practice in your company, so not everyone was able to get a placement. After all, students choose placements, not because of a plus or a statement that the practice was done, but in reality, the student did nothing. They are very keen on choosing your company, knowing that you will have real practice and experience here.

What are the student feedback after practice in our company?

─ Feedback is always good, and students recommend your company to each other. If the feedback was not the best, then there would be no competition for practice places, Jurgita explains with a smile 🙂


Do you think that the things you teach in college are very different from what we do here and what really do you need for the job market?

─ Of course, it is very important to us that what we teach is closely related to what is needed for the business. A few years ago, when there was no such cooperation and talk with businesses, then, I can say we were very distant and now we are trying to move step by step to what business needs. After all, our trained young specialist goes out to work for businesses. If his knowledge is far from what is needed in reality, it becomes very difficult to establish himself in the labor market.




We thank Panevėžys College and college teachers for preparing and educating our future colleagues 🙂 We are happy to cooperate with you!

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