One of the biggest security flaws in processors was found

One of the biggest security flaws in processors was found

Microsoft and Google have unveiled a new lack of processor security similar to Meltdown and Spectre, found early this year. A new security gap has been named „Speculative Store Bypass“. It exploits the function of speculative execution of modern processors. Updates were released to protect Safari, Edge, and Chrome browsers from the Meltdown security vulnerability. According to Intel, these updates also apply to newly discovered security vulnerabilities.

Processor software updates designed to protect against this vulnerability may affect device productivity. As a result, consumers (especially system administrators) will have to choose between security and optimal performance.

How is this lack of processor security used?

How do I protect my devices?

Speculative Store Bypass“ applicable to Intel, AMD and ARM chips. This means that mobile devices can also be attacked.

It is important to install all the hardware updates. They can slow down the equipment a little, but it should be almost unnoticeable. In addition, such upgrades will be optimized in the future to minimize the impact on device performance. Also, remember to use antivirus programs. Intel is already making changes to its processors to protect them from such security gaps in the future. The company’s next-generation Xeon and 8th generation Intel Core processors will have built-in hardware protection. Microsoft is working with affected chip manufacturers and has already released tools to address speculative violations of their products and services.

So, the best thing you can do to protect your devices is not to ignore and install all of the suggested updates. More information and detailed „Speculative Store Bypass“ description can be found in the article „Speculative Store Bypass explained: what it is, how it works“.

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