Google Maps API rise up 1400%

Google Maps API rise up 1400%

In May, Google announced a new Google Maps platform, along with a new Google Map usage fee structure. The news is not very joyful, but for many it even causes headaches. From June 11th Google has reduced the Google Maps APIs limit for the free use of Google Maps and has greatly increased the cost. Free usage is now limited to $ 200 per month for referrals, and subsequent API usage rates have risen to 1400%.

Google Maps

The new Google Maps platform consists of three main products:

  • Maps. Dynamic maps, street view and 360 ° rendering.
  • Routes. Navigation and Traffic.
  • Places. Place names, addresses, reviews, and more.

Each of these products now has a separate pricing structure that you can find on Google Maps platform pricing table.

The first $ 200 value calls are free

What does this mean? How many monthly calls can you get for free? Calculating, $ 200 a month is worth about:28,000 dynamic map loads;100,000 static map loads;40,000 map links from point A to point B.

However, if you use a simple map on your site with a cursor pointing to your business location, the new pricing system allows you to continue using this service for free and without restrictions.

Without payer information - nowhere

It will no longer be possible to use the Google Maps API without the API key. Therefore, regardless of whether you will use a free $ 200 credit or not, you will still have to create an account and submit payment information. The good news is that it is possible to set API usage restrictions to $ 200 a month. This will ensure free use of Google Maps services.

Google has reported a few years ago that maps will no longer be available without the API key. However, no new bidding plan for getting the API key was warned. Of course, it is always possible to set a limit of $ 200 a month. But what should companies do, which now have to pay, for example, $ 700 for services that were free before? One option is to look for an alternative to Google Maps.

Not surprisingly, the new Google Maps platform and its pricing structure may force companies to completely abandon Google Maps and move to Bing or other alternatives.

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