Google is changing the image search for copyright protection

Google is changing the image search for copyright protection

Google Image Search is like an epicenter of copyright infringement on the web because people, consciously or not, are looking for pictures, downloading them, and misappropriating copyrighted images. However, Google is reporting good news to photographers – planned changes to the image search engine to protect copyright.

The changes were made by Google in collaboration with Getty Images, which filed a number of anti-competitive complaints about the ability to easily download high-quality photos using image search.

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“We are pleased to announce that our past concerns have been taken into account in recent months of cooperation with Google, and we have withdrawn our complaints.” – Getty Images wrote in email to their photographers.

Getty Images worked closely with Google to resolve image and copyright issues. Google has already removed the “View Image” button, which has made it easy to download high-definition snippets, and copyright warning is currently displayed under the photo.

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“Google has agreed to make image changes, including a more prominent copyright notice and removal of the image preview button,” says Getty Images.

Getty Images and Google have also announced a new “global strategic partnership” with a multi-annual licensing agreement that officially allows Google to use Getty Images images for its products and services.

“We believe that collaboration with Google is the best protection for photographers and other artists who earn their living from licensing and finance the creation of new works, copyright and livelihood,” Getty Images says.

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