Exciting News: “Wise2Sync” – A Homegrown Startup Inside Creation Ventures into New Horizons

Exciting News: “Wise2Sync” – A Homegrown Startup Inside Creation Ventures into New Horizons

We are thrilled to announce a significant development within our company, Creation. Our in-house startup, Wise2Sync (formerly known as WiseXML), is taking its first steps toward independence, and I couldn’t be more proud of this milestone.

Liudas StanevičiusThe decision to spin off “Wise2Sync” was driven by the ever-increasing demands of the e-commerce industry and the growing need for resource optimization. As we all know, the pandemic accelerated the need for efficient e-commerce services and logistics optimization. With a growing customer base and their trust in our capabilities, it became evident that our “brainchild” had matured and was ready to operate autonomously as a separate legal entity.

Currently, “Wise2Sync” synchronizes over 12 million products daily, with its photo database exceeding 3 terabytes!

The process of inputting and constantly updating product information may seem simple, but it is a highly time-consuming task, especially when onboarding new suppliers, which incurs exponentially growing costs. The automation of this process and cost optimization are essential goals for every player in the e-commerce market.

What sets “Wise2Sync” apart is its unique solution that connects products in supplier warehouses to e-commerce platforms. This technology enables the automated transmission of product information into the store system, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This empowers e-commerce businesses to offer products they don’t physically stock, as orders are placed directly with the supplier.

As Dimitrij Kuch, the Product Owner at “Wise2Sync,” aptly puts it, “Our solution automates the dropshipping process, eliminates the risk of human error, duplicate products, or selling items not in stock. The shared database also allows for easy comparison of prices between competitors and suppliers, simplifying product and supplier selection. Everyone wins: businesses save time and money, and customers enjoy a wider range of options at lower prices.”

Looking ahead, our new company has ambitious plans for further perfecting our solution. Our goal is to empower all players in the e-commerce market, regardless of their size, technical knowledge, or experience, to grow and expand. To achieve this, we will continue to work on two fronts. Firstly, we will enhance the technical aspects to enable our customers to focus on strategic business decisions rather than technical complexities. Secondly, we are gearing up to further streamline the integration of both suppliers and e-commerce stores into our unified system, making it even easier for partners to find and embark on their business ventures or expansions.








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