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Dropship inventory automation and management

Dropship inventory automation and management

Managing your dropship inventory data can be an endless process when running a successful dropship business. There are multiple ways, how information on your website can be kept up to date:

Manual tracking and update

Comparing your suppliers’ data and then updating your store platform will only work with a very little amount of products. Most suppliers have thousands of products – manual update and tracking will not work for long.

Manual import

This will save more time, as you would update your products with a bulk action. However, it is also time-consuming of all – every day upload to your store platform needs to be made. End if you have multiple suppliers – this step needs to be repeated multiple times. This method works, when suppliers provide data in such file formats as CSV, XLS, XML, etc., and will not work if your supplier has more sophisticated system and provides inventory data feeds over web services (f. e. API). Most likely – you will only be syncing product basic info, stock and price levels, as each supplier provides data in different formats.

Automatic import script.

This will let you forget about some manual work – a developer will write a script, which will take source information from the supplier, transform it and then automatically import data into your store platform. However, there are a few downsides: custom development is typically expensive, functionality will be limited, the import will be slow and might have an impact on your web platform and over time it can become unstable because of a large amount of data.

Dropship inventory automation software

This type of software automatically syncs suppliers’ inventory feeds with your online store platform. You connect your sales channel with automation software once and that is it – all the suppliers and new feeds are added within the automation tool.

In the past 10 years, we have made so many import scripts and we know, that it is time-consuming and stability is not always dependent on you. If scaling is taken into consideration (constantly increasing amount of SKU and number of suppliers), import and automatic sync can become a complex solution. Therefore, we’ve developed our online dropship inventory automation tool – WiseXML.

Here is how it works:

  • An integration of WiseXML and your online sales platform is made
  • Choose suppliers (it can be from our already integrated supplier’s list or you can bring your own and we will connect them with our software)
  • Make configurations: attributes, categories, manufacturers mapping. Price margins etc. etc. – you control and filter products, that will be linked with your sales platform.
  • Automate sync: set up when and how often stockfeed needs to be updated.

Interested? Check www.wisexml.com website for more information. Or if you have any questions about dropship automation software, drop us an email and we will get back to you.

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