Data leak protocol

UAB „ELSOFT“, using the latest data protection technologies, ensures the security of personal data entrusted to us. But sometimes, due to cyber attacks, there may be a leak of personal data. This type of incident would follow our data leak protocol.


In Lithuania, all companies must notify the authorities responsible for each leak and the affected persons within 72 hours of the event.
More information can be found on the State Data Protection Inspectorate’s website.

What is data violation?

A data breach is any event that has compromised data security. For example, providing data to third parties who do not have the right to do so, loss of data without prior backup and others. Irregularities include not only cyberattacks or data leaks on the Internet but also lost devices or documents containing personal data.

You have noticed a data breach?

You may have received another person’s data or encountered your personal data leaks on our website In this case, please call +370 520 30333. We will immediately start dealing with any data leak, but at the same time, we ask you to disclose details about the event with screenshots, event descriptions, links or other means.

If you use other personal data obtained through unlawful means during the leak, we will be obliged to notify the responsible authorities.

What steps do we take to prevent the data violation?

Upon receipt of information about a possible violation of the data, we shall immediately begin infringement procedures. By carefully checking the data and making sure that the leak could have a negative impact on any person, we will notify the responsible authorities and the victim. Every effort is made to reduce any leakage of data.

Data leak recording

We make every effort to prevent data leakage. However, if this happens, we are obliged to register such an event in the data leak register. Here we record the date of the event, the leaked data, the possible consequences of the data leak, what action has been taken to stop the data leak and who and when the leakage was reported.