Computer work: how to stay productive all day.

Computer work: how to stay productive all day.

Stay 100% productive while working on a computer – is not easy: the eyes and body are tired of constant sitting and looking at the computer screen, you want to sleep, the brain stops working… If you are familiar with it at least, it is worth looking at this post. We will discuss how to reduce the health risks of computer work, increase productivity, and improve overall health.

We all have our own methods of being productive, energetic and healthy. See what the CREATION team recommends 🙂 And what would you suggest?

How to stay productive for a full-time job: preparation

Breakfast is a fuel to start the working day

Start the day with a hearty and healthy breakfast. You should choose energy-efficient products, which are used to feed energy gradually over the morning. For example, fruits, eggs, yogurt, porridge – is a guarantee for a good day start. If you do not usually eat breakfast, you should at least eat nuts or dried fruits. In the long run, you will find out how much energy your morning healthy food provides.

Lack of sleep – ax for productivity

TiredAccording to American Psychological Association Fatigue affects a person’s ability to make the right decisions. The study says that low-sleepers tend to risk out of risk or fail to make decisions at all, meanwhile, a well-rested person devotes time to weighing risks and making a decision.

Experts recommend that adults sleep at least 7-9 hours a day. If you sleep less, the next day you will feel exhausted, restless, distracted. If you have sleep problems due to stress or other causes – at bedtime it is worth to drink chamomile tea, exercise breathing, calm the mind. The Human Rights Association prohibits sleep by torture!

Healthy body – healthy mind

Everyone is experienced in stress at work. One of the best ways to fight it is sports. While exercising you relax your mind, fix your emotions and get energy. Scientists advise to physically move at least 30 minutes a day. If you do not have the opportunity to go to the gym – no trouble, it is enough to walk more, change elevator to stairs, o 10 minutes of exercise in the morning.

How to raise productivity levels during work?

To do list

Plan writing

It is a good practice to write down a clear action plan every morning, set realistic goals for the day. For some, it’s easier to start the day with the most challenging task, and leave easier tasks at the end of the day, others – vice versa, so discover the best option stick to it and you will soon notice how smooth your day has been.

If you get stuck – go to the next task

With a huge list of jobs, you may encounter some tasks that cannot be completed (lack of information, ideas, expertise, etc.). In this case, it is best to leave the task you started and take the other, not to waste your precious time. Maybe a person can help later? Maybe the task solution will do in the course of the day? Maybe you will feel better tomorrow and you will do that task three times faster than today.

Multitasking or one job at a time?

With a lot of work, you may want to take it all right away. This seems to save you time. But are you sure? Our brains cannot work at the same time on several different tasks unless one of the tasks is  – mental and the other – physical. The more mental tasks you try at the same time, the longer it takes to do them, and the quality can also be affected.  That is why multitasking is not really the best solution. Multitasking can only produce the desired results if you combine the mental task with physical activity (running, walking, etc.).

Parkinson’s Law: “The Task Fills all of its time”

If you have time set on when you need to finish your job, it is likely to be delayed by filling in all the time. Man seeing that he has a lot of time to carry out the task, he’s going to sneak out for a long time, distract and otherwise waste time. Therefore, it is best to try to perform the task as soon as possible, set a closer deadlineThis will make your work faster and allow you time for various fixes.

Limit the temptation

If you find that you are still visiting non-work sites (Facebook, Twitter), please download the browser plugin that blocks the selected site. If you use Google Chrome, we recommend that you try “StayFocused”.

A neat table is a neat mind

Daily workplace management should become a ritual. Organize your tools in an organized way, don’t save unnecessary files on your computer. Over time, you will see how productivity will grow.

Plan your time for electronic mail

Even if you receive 100 emails per day, it doesn’t mean that you have to answer them right away. An open email program can reduce your productivity by feeling the need to check every new email. It would be best to schedule e-mail checking times (for example, every two hours). If you receive emails that need to be answered right away, those senders can be marked to receive an additional message on the screen.

Take breaks

There is no person capable of working 3 hours in a row without any deviation of thought. Therefore, feeling that your thoughts go away from the task it is worth to take 15 minutes to rest. The rest should be the eyes of the computer, the phone or other screens, the body – from sitting. Make coffee, drink water, talk to your colleagues in the lounge zone

Less coffee – more water

There seems to be a strange proposition because coffee gives you invigorating, sharpness and energy. However, it can also cause the reverse effect – too much coffee can get you tired, anxious and distracting. Caffeine excess can cause insomnia, which will make you very tired the next day and drink more coffee. If you drink more than 3 cups a day, we recommend replacing them with a glass of water.

Apply these simple but effective methods every day. You will soon notice increased productivity, better overall well-being and to stay productive will be a lot easier.

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