Compare platforms: Magento, Symfony & WordPress

Which platform is best for your eCommerce business?

Choosing the best platform for your business is not an easy task. The market is wide and very competitive and there are many factors to consider before choosing the platform that is best for your business. Your choice has a lot of impact on your online business, so it’s important to give it enough thought before signing up.

eCommerce is an incredibly diverse field. Depending on what you are selling, to whom, how exactly, and how big you are, your online presence can (and should) be unique and create a clear distinction from the other players on the market.



Open source eCommerce platform with a vast number of built-in functionalities and huge extension selection. It is very flexible and always open for innovation.


Best for

  • B2C online stores
  • Big businesses


  • High number of B2C built-in functionalities
  • Even more functionalities in Magento Commerce
  • Huge 3rd party extension choice
  • Big development community


  • May be overkill for small online stores
  • Requires powerful hosting setup


One of the most powerful open source PHP frameworks that is typically used to create custom solutions and web applications such as internal systems, complex functionalities and large scale projects.

Best for

  • Web applications
  • Custom solutions
  • Large scale projects


  • Faster development
  • Easier maintainability
  • Fewer issue
  • Better security


  • Performance
  • Longer to launch
  • Steep learning curve


An open source content Management system which is flexible and easy to use. It is a right choice for small websites. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system.

Best for

  • Blogging
  • Content marketing
  • Minimal selling
  • Publishing informational content


  • Fast development
  • Huge themes & plugins choice
  • Easy to use & administrate


  • Updates recently contain bugs
  • Performance
  • Too “templated”

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