About e-commerce and WordPress

About e-commerce and WordPress

Creating websites is a vast area. It can cost a person who does not have it a lot of time explaining how it works, what technologies to use, and ultimately what company to hire. Therefore, in this post, we will review one of the most popular website development platforms – WordPress: its pros and cons, give you tips and help you identify whether this platform best suits your needs.


The WordPress Web Development Tool boasts the largest number of sites compared to other platforms. About ~ 24% of websites and ~ 30% of online stores are created using WordPress. Content Management System (CMS) is easy to understand, the site manager can adjust the structure and appearance of the site without additional technical knowledge. Plug-ins allow you to implement the functionality of varying degrees of complexity. WordPress is an open-source platform, a tirelessly improving platform, and a huge community of programmers creates new plugins every day.

While the primary purpose of a WordPress site is to advertise content, certain tools can add functionality to your online store. For example, the Woocomerce plugin allows you to create a shopping cart, categorize goods and services, add a few different ways of payment and shipping, and more.

The WordPress site should be chosen by a small or medium-sized business that does not require extensive e-shop functionality or is not relevant to it. Maybe you sell the services? Or are you looking for a company info page? Maybe your product range is small? In such cases, the WordPress site would be the best choice.

The pros of using WordPress platform

  • Content Management System is very intuitive, easy to learn and allows full control over the entire site.
  • More than 50,000 free plugins can be found in the WordPress Store to help you add features of varying complexity, even without programming knowledge.
  • E-shop functionality available with additional plugins installed: product cataloging, categorization, shopping cart, credit card integration, one page payment system, contact forms, live chat feature and many more.
  • The WordPress platform can be used almost free of charge (site hosting and domain hosting required).
  • An unlimited number of users with different roles can be added to the system: administrator, editor, author and more.
  • WordPress has been designed for exclusive content publishing and management, so the WordPress platform area is extremely strong.
  • Mobile device integration.Great choice of website templates.


  • Compared to more expensive platforms, WordPress platform security is more vulnerable to attacks and other security threats.You can often “catch” a virus with infected plugins, so avoid downloading from unapproved sources, it is also not advisable to use non-upgradable or under-priced plugins.
  • The WordPress platform was designed to publish content, but you will only be able to specify one page that will display dynamic news. If you need to publish news on multiple pages, programmers will be needed.
  • When you install WordPress platform updates, the plugin used sometimes stops or even breaks the entire site. Therefore, the best solution is to use them as little as possible. It is also advisable to entrust programmers with sophisticated and important functionality to perform the site without using external plugins.
  • Using many plugins, WordPress can have slow loading problems.If the template themes are unsatisfactory and you want to have a truly unique site – you need to have CSS programming language knowledge.

Sample projects created using WordPress: Eika namai PilaitėjeEnduro Lithuania

Although it is possible to add e-commerce or other sophisticated functionality to the WordPress site, the platform performs its primary function of publishing news. This tool is perfect for the company’s representative website, small e-commerce (up to 1000 items), hobby, portfolio publishing, bad writing and similar needs.

If you do not decide if website creation using WordPress is the most appropriate solution – we will be happy to advise you on any issues you may have.

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